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Mech War Winners

First off Everyone Gets 20,000 Fuel into their depot this afternoon. That's just for the massive effort of smashing all my targets. In fact, you eradicated it with the final scores at Staff 936 VS Players 1,092

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Merry Christmas from Coops!

I wanted to take a small slice out of this morning (before trying to figure out how long this Turkey need cooking) to wish you one and ALL a Very Merry Christmas!

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Stomp The Staff
Christmas WAR!

It's Christmas and its that TIME AGAIN! Time to STOMP THE STAFF! The overall premise is for players to see if they can beat the Staff in a 'Week of Mech Mayhem'.

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Settlement DCM Unit (Liquid)

As of today all the Settlement owners (Level 3+) can grab a Settlement DCM Unit (Liquid) building for your favourite Settlement.

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Santa Special Collection

This year I've mixed it up a little and you'll notice that I did not Open the Santa Collection Office (Starbase-51) on the 1st of Dec. This year I'm making it a RACE for Rewards!

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Paragon RAID N.E.I Upgrade

Paragon RAID N.E.I Upgrade. This is an account Upgrade. It can only be applied once and works IN CONJUNCTION with having an N.E.I (Special) fitted to your ship. What does it do you ask ?

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Christmas Exchange Open!

The Christmas Exchange offices are now open. They will remain open until midnight on the 10th of January so you have plenty of time to consider what to spend your Christmas points on.

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Festive Staff Reshuffle

t's that time of the month. Yes folks the October Staff have been recalled and the December Festive staff have been sent out to replace their brethren.

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Did ya Win?

Did you support in November ? If you did not only did you contribute to the 8K fuel ticket everyone just got today but you might have won yourself a Lifetime PA!

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December - Begins...

Well December has finally arrived. A personal favourite of mine here at Core Exiles as it gives me the opportunity to give away everything not bolted to the floor.

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CE Official Sales - December

December - Noway! Errrr I'm not Ready! Here look at the shiny reindeer whilst I grab a bag of goodies and something nice and prep for the Festive Month. OK thats better - now where were we - Oh yes December!

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Coops Upgrade Tokens

Collect 50 of these and send them to ME 'Coops' - Then follow the instructions Below. Please READ the instructions. It is important you understand and follow these instructions.

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Festive NPC's All Change

I meant to change these around last week, but one part of life kept getting calves off the Cooper Ice Berg after the other. Spent the last two days playing major catchup and noticed that the October Festive NPC's still had not been swapped out yet...

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Movember Anyone...

If you haven't heard of the organisation called 'Movember' its time you were introduced. These guys and girls are the leading light in the fight to raise funds for prostate cancer and testicular cancer research.

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Did Ya Win! ?????

Did you take part in the Guess the Resources competition? If you did you might want to check and see if YOU won! The closest guess to the actual amount just one themselves the entire stash.

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Halloween Hunt Drawn

During October we ran a Halloween Hunt where you had to post a sighting of a Pumpkin on a promenade. You only needed to post one sighting and that report gained you enter in to a Prize Draw.

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Greedy Wolf Kills

Remember all those Greedy Wolf Mechs you were chasing down? Well those that took part and logged their kills have today been given their just rewards! Congratulations Captains.

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November CE Store Sales

November is upon us. Sales and special offers now live in the CE Store for the month. Along with Double Skill Packs and Bob Artefact Schematics!

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Rexxoleen Reward!

It looks like the infamous Rexxoleen Images prints from the 2013 one hit calendar, have been once again stolen and disseminated. Collect a full set and win Big!

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Coops 15th Challenge

If my math is correct (hey I had to take shoes and socks off for this) the next Coops Challenge is the 15th. The date for the next Challenger will be 18th October till 2nd November inclusive.

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