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Game Server Online

A Guild Reminder

It may be time to once again REMIND and WARN Guild leaders and Officers about the dangers of giving members access rights within your Guild.

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Halloween Events Begin Early

October is VERY nearly here - so let's get started. Today you will begin to see the Halloween Pumpkins appear as 'Play to Win' festive handouts.

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A What that Does What?

Take ten minutes out of your busy life, grab a fresh hot beravge and give this post a read. It may well be helpful, in the least it will refresh your memory!

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VIP + CE Store Additions

I've been working on additions to the game for both the VIP store and also the CE store. This came about from a growing list of VIP requests in both Discord and here in the community forums.

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CE Boosts Project Terran

Play our sister game Project Terran? Ever thought about it but put it off or only just hearing about it ? Check out Septembers very Special Offer from Core-Exiles!

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September CE Store Sales

September is upon us. Sales and special offers now live in the CE Store for the month. Along with the Buy an Engine get a Fuel Tank for Free is now back.

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Coops Tokens - Ending

I am here by closing down the Coops Reward Token system. Over the years many of you have used it and enjoyed its rewards, which for the most part at the time it was conceived were excellent and worthy rewards.

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August CE Store Change

August bringsd a change to the 'usual' run of the mill BOGOF's and Rewards. Time for a shake up me thinks. Have a read and please take note before showing your support. Dont miss out!

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Server Reward + Lucky Dip

Big thank you to those who showed their support in July. I have this morning added the Server Wide fuel bonus releated to support and also one lucky supporter got a Life Time PA. Was it you?

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Big Bertha Rolls out...

ORSA changes recently have made it possible for us to roll out a new Extracting tool for you to replace your ageing CES extractors. Catch up on whats new!

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Engineering Update

I had put this change off till I'd had a little more time to ponder the problem I faced. But this morning armed with some very strong coffee I set out and managed to complete it in a few hours.

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New ORSA Released

We have been working on this new ORSA rollout for some time now and the Staff and I have been testing the pants off it. We hope you like the changes...

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Tuesday Planned Down Time!

It's been a VERY VERY long time since we took the CE server Down for an upgrade or any kind of extended down time. Dont miss out on the upcoming ORSA change over!

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July Discounts & Sales!

The disopunt, and sales for July have been posted. Along with the rewards for spending and support this month. Don't miss out and give CE a thought this month.

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Prize Draw & Fuel Rewards

We had 22 sales in June and of those 8 were over 25.00 that puts 4,000 into the Fuel reward. I will add this to all the players fuel depot accounts after completing this post.

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O.R.S.A in trouble...

Today's news is a little unsettling Captains. ORSA today announced filing for bankruptcy sending the markets into free-fall. Trading in ORSA stock was halted and their tag was pulled from the market listing.

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Create New Events

It's been a long time since we ran anything like this, but I think there are enough of you out there that might enjoy this one. Competition time again....

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C.R.T Gets a Name Change
& More...

The Christmas Resource Token has been with us for a number of years. Over time its changed and been pulled this way and that - Time for a Change.....

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Even More Misc Changes

Keep up to date on the numerous changes that have been taking place in game this last week or so. Lots of updates!

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Exile Foundry > Secure Store

Yup you might have guessed it from the title, the Exile Foundry has now had the same treatment that many of the game elements are having.

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