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RAID Party - Take Part

Korth is planning a RAID Group for Sat 7 May 2022 starting at Grantham Sphere 5:30 PM GT / 12:30 PM EDT. We will clear out Sphere/Anvil then proceed to Furnace. So dust off your weapons, armor, shields, EBK's and matrixes!

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CE Official Sales - May

OK... So I know this is super late and I appreciate that no one's spent in the store yet this month as you're waiting on this post :) My humble apologies, and I hope the Discount Code of 20% 'CEMAY' for May helps make up for it!

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Move Complete...

For those who didn't know I have been in the process of moving this last few weeks. We did the final Furniture move (two large trucks) yesterday. It's amazing to see how much you can acquire in a life time.

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Happy Accident!

Hello fellow spacefarers! It's Gabby Newsome with the News You can Use. Well it looks like our Beloved Coops got hung up in moving mode and forgot to turn off the tickers.

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Basket Events

I have been rather poorly off late along with the house move I'm at an all-time physical low atm, BUT I will be finding the energy to run some CHAT based (discord) Easter Basket rewards.

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Easter Festivities Begin

As promised I'm launching the Easter Festivities and collections today. You need to keep your eyes peeled and take part in both the hand-ins and the reporting to make the most of the prizes on hand :)

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Return To the Core

Generally I don't do what I'm about to do, but I figured there was enough rumour mill falsehoods flying around that it might help some to have a better understanding of the next major bolt on to Core Exiles.

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CE April Sales

Well, April the 1st is here, where the hell did that sneak up from! There are NO April Fools here at Core-Exiles, so deals, special offers and anything else 'in print' is not a joke.... Errr honest :)

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Olympic Round Up

Well the Olympics are now Over, so I did a round up post and announced the top 20 Winners of the Beacon drop. Did you win? Why not take a look...

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Ship Loadout - Sale

Times they are changing, and along that line we have changed how you can now sell pretty much any item that can be fitted to your ships loadout screen

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Social Rapport - More...

For those who have been waiting. I have been slowly adding Social Rapport XP to a fair few other Activities, here are the main elements I've added them to...

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Back to the Core!

Lots and lots going on at the moment, most of it behind the scenes but some I can share with you and get you ready for the coming year!

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CE March Sales

Going to be a busy month, but before we plunge into March first a few offers, sales and a discount code for you to use. Help support your favourite Sci-Fi game and keep it moving ever forward!

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Social Rapport - Got any?

Just when you thought you had a handle on everything Core-Exiles had to offer, Coops does it again! Check out whats going on and do you have any Social Rapport?

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Coops Flag Hand In

Hows your 82 part flag collection going? Nearly done, already done or struggling. Well no one said it would be easy and heres another collection for you to complete! Coops Handin!

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New Specials - Hunbaba

Hunbaba made some good points in a post over in the suggestions thread and I wanted some distraction from constant Starbase and Olympic code, so I looked into its feasibility...

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New Olympic Pods

New Pods for the Winter Olympic festivities, dont miss out this year check out what they are and what you need to do to get them!

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2022 CE Olympics!

The Winter Olympics are coming to Core-Exiles in a few days. Take some time out to read the news on the upcoming festive event. Plus see if you spot the change!

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Player VS Staff - Players Win!

Stomp the Staff has now ended. Staff 938 VS Players 1,367 thats a lot of dead mechs! But the answer you all want, did you get in the top 15 winning Mech Commanders!

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Level 20 or Under?

I had a benefactor contact me this morning and donate a LARGE chunk of cash towards the Bestowals for the Giveaways. So IF your Captain Level is Level 20 or Under -

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