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Game Server Online

Combat Update Live

If you've been doing combat in the last week or so you would have started to see these new images as I worked my way through the database 1 ship at a time, I need new eyeballs and fingers after this last week.

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CE March Offical Sales

February was a VERY busy month for me and I have a mad amount of work planned for March. Meanwhile check out the sales and discounts for this month!

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Heavy Fuel Refinery

I released a new Engine ProtoType for the forthcoming Battleships. These require a new Fuel Type Quadrinium Heavy Fuel Pellets. So I released a new Settlement Building for you all the Heavy Fuel Refinery.

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Stores & Offices Facelift

In line with the Recent Avatars & NPC's I'm also working on the company stores and offices. These are the images you see when selecting a company from the promenade. Again (sorry) but you may need to refresh your browser cache to see these.

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Passenger Update

OK, taken me a while, but we now have a functional ticker system that twice a day (no, not telling you when lol) will sweep across the Union Passenger Hubs (Both Standard AND Pirates) and shuffle passengers to locations that have less than 50.

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New Art - Settlements

Taken me a few days longer than anticipated but the new Art for Settlements is now out and has replaced the old mixed art in game.

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Aliens & Avatars

I have pushed out the Aliens to Live now, so all of them should have new faces. I have also pushed to live the New Avatars.

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CE Art Over Haul Begins

This evening marks the start of the CE Art Overhaul. CE has been around for a LONG time (registered in Feb 2008) Making CE now 15 years old. During that time, we have gathered and created art from all the legal avenues within our budget.

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A.L.I.C.E Does it Again...

The A.L.I.C.E Development Program has once again shown its depth of technical knowledge, and it's ability to work with its fellow crafters and released the Schematics for the complex and VERY resource hungry Settlement Graviton Reactor Unit

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Level 7 Settlement Crafting

Level Seven Settlement crafting! A new way forward for settlements in those dizzy heights. Make all that hard work pay off!

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Level 7 Settlement Reactors

A number of the Level 7 Settlements are starting to feel the power strain, and with more buildings to come, I figured it was time for a Level 7 Reactor or two...

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Bunker - Slots Four

Another one for Settlements Today. For those of you with the Settlement Bunker. This one allows a little headroom for Energy with the fourth Reactor slot and also allowing that Fourth Research slot open.

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Starbase Updates

Changes to Starbases and a new Union Passnger office for Starbases. New income streams for Starbases. Time to grab a Coffee and go read the latest Dev post.

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Christmas Resources?

This is a friendly reminder that during December, Santa's helpers were handing out Christmas Resources to all the players who played during December. But now its time to collect them!

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Challenge Ends!

18th Coops challenge Draws to a Close. Did you take part? If so take five mins to read the report and whats in line for rewards. Thanks for playing and I hope you all had fun this time round.

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CE January Sales

January 2023! - Help support your Favourite Sci-Fi Browner game this year with a purchase in the CE Store. Checkout the sales and offers for January.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Coops here at Core-Exiles. Have a 10K fuel Ticket on me to bring in the New Year.

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18th Challenge Active!

The Coops 18th Challenge is now active and will run for the next 2 weeks over Christmas and into the New Year. Pretty much any activity or profession in CE will count towards the Challenge.

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December Special Offers

Don't miss out on the December special offers and discounts over in the CE Official Store. Also if this is your first December with CE make sure to check out Rudolph and the Donner & Blitzen offers!

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Christmas 2022

December is here and with it a new slew of handouts and coming competitions. Don't miss out, check out the latest Dev festive post.

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