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Game Server Online

More Mech Carnage!

The Wolf has started his own challenge Reward with respect of his TW Mechs. Kill them claim a prize!

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Captains vs AI

Gabby Newsome interviews a high ranking Gal-Fed Admiral for answers. A post you should all read...

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Challenge Extended!

Not only is the 16th Coops Challenge now Live its also been given an extended deadline! If you PLAY CE you need to check out ths post!

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Did Ya Win ?

Might be a good idea to see if you were drawn as a winne rin the recent Promenade reporting competition!

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Guy Fawkes Handin

Time for another Handin. As some of you have started randomly sending me Guy Fawkes Prints I thought lets kick this one off officially...

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More Festive NPC's

Looks like there has been a staff change over at the Festive Centres, as they have recalled the Halloween crew and sent out the Guy Fawkes collectors.

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Project Eagle Update!


Coops Challenge?

Fancy a November Coops Challenge? Well do ya ? Pop on over to the following post and let Coops know that your interested!

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Dev Revision Stores Open!

Today marks the start of a new era in Coops Upgrades. You now have a Store where you can do the upgrade yourself! We are even allowing RA itesm to be upgraded!

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Trade Olympic Tokens

Trade in your Olympic Upgrade Tokens for Coops Upgrade tokens. It's free and simple. But please do 'read the post'...

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Halloween Events!

October is here - so let's get started. Today you will begin to see the Halloween Pumpkins appear as 'Play to Win' festive handouts. Read this post to Learn about whats going on this October!

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CE Official Sales - October

October is upon us, and it's time for the Festivities to begin. I have activated the October Festive Ticker handout and announced some new Competitions shortly, but before that, let's post the 'Official Sales' and offers for October.

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Tell Us What You Think

A large Fat reward is still on offer and up for grabs in return for a few minutes of your time. Competition runs till the 7th of October. Make use of it whilst its still there!

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Coops Upgrades - Read on...

Interested in what the new Coops Upgrade (olympic Upgrade) process will involve and entail ? Take a few moments out and read the ramblings of your Developer...

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Last Week For Pirates!

Last week to Report the Pirates! Simply spot the Pirates docked at a given location from the Compettion post and win a fat bag of goodies! This one ends on the 30th so get reading and reporting!

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Friday 10th Maintenance

On the morning of the 10th at 10:30 AM (Game Time) I will be placing the Server in 'downtime'. If you're playing at that point you will be evicted, so I suggest you curtail activities shortly before and make a retreat to your cockpit and go make a coffee.

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CE Official Sales - September

I'm looking forward to continuing to plough through the suggestions posts from last month and continue to add some love and flavour for you to the existing CE. Meanwhile, new items are dropping into the CE Store and some great offers as ususal for you to grab!

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Guild G.B.M & More

As per my post last month, now that I'm back at full time CE coding I wanted to get back at it by looking at some of the players 'wants & suggestions' before moving back into the large scale projects already underway. Giving a something back to the 'little guy' in CE.

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August Last Week

Today marks the start of the Paralympics, we have been giving away Random Flags, Beacons and Upgrade Tokens ever since the Olympics began, so you should by now have a fair old collection.

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Contracts for Ship Sales (UHL)

This one has been banging around for a while now and was really an oversight on my part when creating the Universal Hangar system. The main issue is if you want to trade a ship to a buddy at lets say less than the normal price.

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