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3rd Settlement ?

After much discussion, and arm twisting over the last 16 years I have decided to allow for a THIRD Settlement per captain.

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Logging Twice

I'm are aware that atm, some players are being logged out after their initial 'login'. After logging in a second time, all is ok.

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K.I.C.K.A.S.S. Device!

Someone call an Ambulance, I think I've lost it :) This month Marks the 16th year of Core Exiles on the Web. We did run CE as Shields up for around 18 months in total as a Desktop App, but that was back in the dark ages :)

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TC Mega Mall

There is a Suggestion thread over in the forums that over the last few months I've been dipping into for some gems. These I have added in part and mulled over the rest. One such request / suggestion recently was for a Mega Mall that sells the new Trade Commodities.

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More Rapport Contracts

Today see's the release of a bunch of new Contract Types. Mining, Cargo and Passengers join the exisiting Rapport Contracts.

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Guess The Resources - Winners

Sorry it's taken me a number of days to post this one. Every time I sat down to work this one out, something got in the way or simply road blocked me. But this evening I had enough time to sit and work this one out.

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Combat Loot Tracking

Something new from the Cooper Code mine. Take a few minutes to read how loot has changed since the early days and one of the new ways to aid in the changes.

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Merry Christmas

With Christmas looming on the horizon I wanted to take some time to wish you one and all a Merry Christmas from the Cooper Family.

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20th Coops Challenge

OK, the 20th Coops Challenge starts On Friday the 22nd @ 18:30 (Game Time) and runs until Sunday the 7th Jan @14:00. For those who have not played before check out the post.

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Christmas 2023

Let me be the first to wish you all a festive weekend and hope this heralds in a good December for you all around the world. Here at Core-Exiles we celebrate the rear end of Christmas with lots of hand in's, collections, trade, swaps and as much fun as we can cram into one single month.

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Report the Pirates & Win!

It seems that the Pirate Leadership has once again been targeted by the Gal-fed authorities and as such been put on their 'shit-list'. I can't say what triggered this escalation, but I can tell you that the Gal-Fed Authorities are willing to pay top $ for information on the Pirate's whereabouts.

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Guess The Resources!

It's that time again, Coops has a massive pile of recouped resources from expired Settlements and its time to Win and Win BIG!

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Thanksgiving Handin ACTIVE

It's that time of year when our American players wheel out the Turkey, fly halfway round the country to be with friends and family and generally celebrate Thanksgiving. Here at CE you will have been getting the odd one or two Thanksgiving Celebration items.

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November Festivities Begin

Let's see if we can kick off the Novembers festivities!

With November here, the Festive Ticker has been given a new mandate, and will begin handing out new types of festive items. Check out the post and see whats going on. Read the Post Over Here

Movember Arrives

If you haven't heard of the organisation called ' Movember' its time you were introduced. These guys and girls are the leading light in the fight to raise funds for prostate cancer and testicular cancer research.

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November Slow Roll

Typically, in the past we have Run Octobers festivities directly in to the November ones, this has sometimes caused a lot of confusion as to what ends when etc...

So for a change I'm going to Slow Roll October to a close and Then start off November. So here's the Scoop on what ends when and how long you have etc

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CE Official Sales - November

It's the 1st of the month once more. November brings its own Special Festive Pack and special offers and discounts. Not to mention the Buy One Claim One Free offers.

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Halloween Hunt Winners

As you will be aware, we ran a Halloween Hunt & Report competition during October. Well, it closed today, and I'm now announcing the drawing of 20 Winners.

Did you Win ?

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F.O.M Missions Review

Been meaning to look at this one, and today in chat was reminded it might be time for a review of the F.O.M Mining office contracts.

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Starbase - Tech Research

Today I bring the owners of Starbases the chance to at last Research their star base Tech level. As pointed out during the week, there was an issue where certain stores (that are Tech level based) were appearing empty or near empty on starbases.

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