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Game Server Online

Changes To Jimmy

In line with the recent changes, I got to Jimmy Fingers today. As of this post Jimmy now looks in the Secure Store for your Crates and Containers to open.

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Boris & Sven

Been working on a long list of changes both in the syphon program, the push to Secure Store code, and now the ancillary services. Chatting with staff I decided to 'start' with Sven and Boris.

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Secure Store - Misc Section

This morning I moved over to live a change I've been working on over on the Dev Server. This is a modification / simplification of the way you can move items BACK to your Ships Misc store.

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More Misc Changes

I've been super busy under the hood this last few days making all kinds of tweaks concerning the use of the Misc store VS the Secure Store.

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Syphon Protocol Enacted

We had 31 sales in April and of those 12 were over 25.00 UKP that puts 6,000 into the Fuel reward. Don;t forget we drawn a luck y random name from the support pile each month. Did you win this month ?

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Winners - Easter Hunt 2

Another Easter period complete. You returned a LOT of eggs this year so grats! I have now wrapped up the ticker handing these out.

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Winners - Easter Hunt 1

Thank you to all those that took part in reporting the eggs, these have now been removed from the Promenades thanks to your assistance :) As promised I have drawn 20 random winners.

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Coops Goodie Bag

This post is here so I can add to the Coops Goodie Bag. As you clear Stages in the 14th Coops Challenge, I will add items to the Bag. These items will be awarded to EVERYONE that Took Part in the Challenge (Big or small).

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Challenge Completes!

Well that was fun :) A little over 2 weeks of constant activity. Players coming together to climb the mountain of Coops Challenge stages! So how did you do ?

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Easter Egg Hunt is on!

As promised I'm launching the Easter Festivities and collections today. You;ll need to keep your eyes peeled and take part in both the hand-ins and the reporting to make the most of the prizes on hand

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14th Coops Challenge

OK, the Fourteenth Coops Challenge is starting today @ 11:00 (Game Time). For those who have not played before this is where I have laid out a series of challenges for players to complete.

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New Staff Member Arrives

I'd like to take this opportunity this morning to welcome another player to the Staff Group. The name is well known to many who frequent the Discord chat The Wolf.

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Changes to the C.R.T

Today I have removed the Lock out on the Christmas Resource Token service. That means that ANY tokens you have on your account gathered during November through January, can be spent at your Leisure when ever you 'actually need them'.

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Friends, Guilds & GBM

A staff member asked recently if it might be possible to 'also' show if the contract belonged to a 'Friend' in your 'Friends List'. I mulled this over figured the least obtrusive way and less over head for the code and add a new function to the far left of each column

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Reminder - Settlement Boosts

The C.A.I.C Services Settlement Booster Upgrade has been limited to 2 per Settlement when purchased from the CE Store. This was an initial limit we put in place so we could see how the CAIC performed before anyone overpowered them.

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Catch the Pirates & Win!

Seems the Pirates have got on the wrong side of Gal-Fed for the last time. Can you find them and report them in time! Check out whats going on and how you can Win!

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Morning is here. I posted a short round up and a few reminders, for those of you flying the space lanes on this Christmas Morning!

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Stomp the Staff - Begins!

The overall premise is for players to see if they can beat the Staff in a 'Week of Mech Mayhem'. The competition will carry with it Server Wide bonuses should players breach certain goals.

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San Ticlaws - Complete!

A new Record for Core-Exiles me thinks! The Christmas Collection by San Ticlaws has been completed! That means that come Christmas morning the children of the Exiles Galaxy will receive their Christmas presents on time and properly wrapped!

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Officer Higgins & the G.R.B

Galactic Recovery Bureau (Officer Higgins) begins his new job today working for the G.R.B. He is taks with making the Galaxy a more fair and Financially sound place.

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